Author’s Guide

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 Author’s Guide

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  1- The Journal of Medicinal Plants is being published quarterly. This journal includes some information about medicinal plants in both Basic and Clinical aspects, such as chemistry of natural compounds, analytical aspects of natural medicines, basic and clinical pharmacology, Pharmaceutics and toxicology.

  2- The articles should be whether Research Articles, Review articles or case reports.

  3- The articles which have been published in other Journals ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

  4- The provider of the article is responsible for the Validity if his (her) paper. The Journal has no legal responsibility about the facts and Results of sent articles.

  5- The articles are reviewed by three referees and should be approved by the editorial board when the right approved edition is reserved.

  6- The Researches must be done according to International Rules and moral sense.


 How to compose an article?

 - The article should be written in double space and a 2.5 cm space from the paper ends must be considered. Times New Roman font (12) is preferred.


 The structure of articles:

 1- Topic:

  Topics must be typed in bold face, then the name, address and P.O.Box of the author(s) should be mentioned at the end, the address, the phone No., Fax No., and email address of the sender(s) should be stated. The name of the corresponding Author should be signaled by (*).


 2- Abstract:

 The summaries should include the introduction, the goal of the research, the chosen Method of research, and finally the findings and results (This part should contain 150- 250 words), at the end, some of keywords should be mentioned (3 to 5 words).


 3- Introduction:

 In this part the main goals of the research and a summary of the Research procedure should be explained, but the results and findings should not be yet described.


 4- Materials and Methods:

  The procedure and course of the research should be explained in this part in a way that, the experiment could be done in other experimental labs. These points should be notified in this part:

  - The source of the used materials

  - The criteria's for selecting the control (s).

  - Mentioning the reference of used methods.

  - Mentioning the statistical methods that have been used, during the research.

 5- Results:

 In this part, the results must be notified without explanation. No need for bringing the information again but reference to the above mentioned data's could be made. In this way all the data's should be numbered for an easy referring.


 6- Discussion:

 The results should be compared with other similar researches. At the end, the general results and prospective research recommendations should be notified.


 7- Acknowledgment:

 In this part thankings could be done from the sponsers and the whoever else helping you during the research.


 8- The References should be numbered and (mentioned) at the end; including these notes:

 - Family and first name of the authors, The topic of the article, The complete name of the journal, year of publishing, the journal’s number and finally the page’s number.



  -Harkey MR, Henderson GL, Gershwin ME, Stem JS and Hechman RM. Variability in commercial ginseng products: an analysis of 25 preparations. Am. J. Clin. Nutr . 2001; 73: 1101- 1106.



  -Duke JA. Handbook of Medicinal Herbs. 2nd ed. CRC Press LLC. USA. 2001, pp: 256-7.

  -Wink M. Special Nitrogen Metabolism In: Dey PM and Harborne JB. Plant Biochemistry. Acadmic Press. USA . 1997, pp: 439-57.


 9- Pictures, graphs and tables:

 An Original copy of the pictures, graphs and tables should be sent separately in an A4 paper. The author’s name and the reference number should be written on all papers. The number of pictures and tables should not be more than 6. It’s better when the pictures are in Black & white pattern, in the case of color pictures expences should be provided by the author.


 10- Notes to the pictures and graphs:

 In this part some notes and explanations about the pictures or diagrams must be mentioned.

Note: Articles on this site Atnobotany scientific names of plants to be matched.

 Journal articles on endnote format software that is located at the following link. (first endnote software installed.)

Journal articles on medicinal plants endnote format software


 The main paper accompanied by three copies, should be sent to our address.

 The disket of the article in Word 2003 software must be sent too.

Online submission from and can be done. Sending to is also accepted.

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